I am a turkey; kill me! Although I don’t agree with Wednesday’s interpretation of events, I love her subversion of the happy Christian pablum that gets passed off as the history of this holiday. The actual history of North America’s settlement is more richly textured and compelling than is suggested by construction-paper turkeys and cornucopia-shaped centerpieces.  After your...

Kraftwerk – Die Roboter It was the early 80s and in 6th grade, my best friend Jason and his father had a second home in Berkeley. I started going there with them there on the weekends to escape our rural hometown in California’s gold country and to get out of my single mother’s hair. Down in Berkeley, Jason and I would hang out on Telegraph avenue, sneak into porn theaters, and...

I love this guy: John Allison, Chairman of BB&T, presents his perspective on the causes of, and solutions to, the financial crisis.

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