A Decade

A decade after Pearl Harbor, the United States and its allies had thoroughly defeated the two most powerful military powers in the world–after coming back from some major losses in Europe, North Africa, and the Pacific–and had been at relative peace with those former enemies for six years. Today, Germany and Japan are close allies of the United States, invaluable trade partners, and...

Checkpoint Charlie The fall of the Berlin Wall was the most momentous event I had witnessed to that point in my life. The Wall had been built, not to prevent West Germans from sneaking across to obtain the state housing, guaranteed employment, or universal health care provided by the communist government of East Germany, but to staunch the flood of East Germans to West Germany. The Wall...

Obama Is Right About Health Care After listening to President Obama’s speech on health care last night, I have to admit, I agree wholeheartedly with his quote from Edward Kennedy: “What we face is above all a moral issue; at stake are not just the details of policy, but fundamental principles of social justice and the character of our country.” This is the choice encompassed by the health...

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